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the future for organizations who don’t buy into Web 2.0

February 11, 2010

A speaker I saw recently said this is the future for organizations who don’t buy into Web 2.0…I thought it was a great way to make a point.

Good thing we’re not one of those…


New this Christmas!

November 11, 2009

Have you heard? The Salvation Army now has iKettles. Similar to a fundraising page you would set up if you were doing the Walk for Breast Cancer or some other type of event – you try to get people to donate to your iKettle. They receive a tax receipt from the Salvation Army. I think it’s such a great idea. I must throw money into almost every kettle I see at the mall during the holidays but it’s always just whatever change I have on me at the time because I rarely carry cash anymore.  I may just have to set one up. For those of you who are interested :

Full Circle

October 19, 2009

The 25 Things program has now been rolled out to the 1st phase of staff and I’m really enjoying their blogs and seeing what they’re gaining from this journey. It’s so interesting to see the different takes on the information that’s out there as well as having my eyes opened to new discoveries that I didn’t catch during my first go-around. Thanks so much for teaching me new things yet again!

and this show brought it all home…

October 5, 2009

Listening to the Oct 4th episode while cleaning my kitchen. The whole program brought the Web 2.0 world home and totally reinforced the 25 things for me.

My whole 25 things experience

September 29, 2009

What an amazing journey this has been!! I really have learned so much and discovered new tools that I’m now using in my work and personal life. I found the whole process easy to navigate and quite enjoyable (I’m really going to miss the Common Craft Tutorials). I’ve been telling friends and family all about it and introducing them to some of the wonderful technologies that I’ve “discovered” – which in my mind is exactly what we should be doing…maximizing our potential and the potential of others through these tools. A technological community working together to help each other be the best we can  – isn’t that the goal of Web 2.0?

I would love to go through another exercise like this one…maybe a 25 Things Part 2??  Could you get on that Elaine?


September 29, 2009

I used to listen to audiobooks on occasion in the car when I commuted to Toronto. Recently, however, when I tried “reading” an audiobook while out walking on my lunch hour – I found that I couldn’t concentrate on the book and was too focused on the other sights and sounds around me. I figured that maybe I just wasn’t cut out for audiobooks…until I was a passenger during a 12-hour drive to NB. It was great! I just totally got into it (I can’t read in the car so it was the perfect compromise for me).

I found several interesting titles in NetLibrary and was actually surprised at the variety of books available. It was great to see that they even had children’s books. Maybe this will be an option for my kids the next time we’re locked in the van for 12 hours rather than watching all those DVDs. 😉

I also tried downloading an eAudiobook from NetLibrary’s collection so that I could understand the steps our patrons would go through. It was quick and painless and could see how it could be a very popular tool.


September 29, 2009

Ok, this may sound simple to most people but even though I’m quite familiar with podcasts and have listened to many before…it never dawned on me how the name podcast came to be. (Thanks Common Craft!!)

I’m sure many people quickly ran to hear Jian Gomeshi take on Billy Bob Thornton or listened when our very own Reading Buddies program was covered by CBC radio.  The joy of podcasts is that we didn’t have to catch those programs when they were actually on the radio, we could stream them anytime and any place that was convenient for us. Fantastic for our busy, “need it on demand” lifestyle.

I have used podcasts for training sessions and have found them a useful audio tool.

I did add the following RSS to my google reader account  (even though it was a bit dated, I still found them very interesting)


September 29, 2009

I admit it! I can easily waste hour after hour playing on YouTube. It is completely addictive. As you see one video, the site is recommending a bunch more related to the one you’re watching…so you think just one more…and another, and so on.

I’ve used to prove to my kids some of the crazy songs that existed when I was a kid.

 To reconnect to my hometown in the face of tragedy

To enjoy Sesame Street at the Library

And to enjoy the creativity of some of my friends

I really enjoyed seeing how libraries are using YouTube to promote themselves. I would love to see promotional, programming or training videos from our Library. There are already videos on there if you search for us – the elevator, skateboarders, the MerryWeather, dancers in the study room and something from the Mac Users group.

I’ve also been amazed to discover YouTube not only as a fun distraction but as a classroom where I can see videos on cooking, technology or any other topics that I want to learn about. This is often the first place I now look to learn “how-to”. A few examples:

P.S. if anyone wants more Moxy Fruvous, I still have the CD 😉


September 29, 2009

Ok, I was totally shocked at how easy it was to navigate and add things. I added comments to other people’s information and created my own list of vacation spots. I didn’t add photos because some of these trips were taken prior to my owning a digital camera and scanning the photos in would mean actually have to look for them first. (and if you’ve seen my basement, you understand my hesitation). I did however link all the vacation spots to their tourism websites – SO EASY!!!    I can totally see how this would be really useful for project work. Awesome!


September 24, 2009

I was already familiar with Wikis and will admit to even using Wikipedia…scandalous, I know! 

I can’t imagine using Wikipedia for a research paper or anything like that but do use it to catch up on entertainment or reality shows – I’m always amazed at how quickly it’s updated when someone is kicked off Survivor or So You Think You Can Dance or some other similar show.

The Reference Wiki is a great place to look for suggested titles and I’ve gotten some excellent reading off those lists – thanks! The Library also used a Wiki for staff to record their OLA experiences this year. I found that an excellent tool as someone who didn’t attend the conference to go into and read the summaries – I could then approach staff for further information if I wanted to know more about a particular session.

I had never considered a Wiki to reduce redundancy/e-mails while working on projects and look forward to introducing that efficiency into my next project/event.