Ok, this may sound simple to most people but even though I’m quite familiar with podcasts and have listened to many before…it never dawned on me how the name podcast came to be. (Thanks Common Craft!!)

I’m sure many people quickly ran to hear Jian Gomeshi take on Billy Bob Thornton or listened when our very own Reading Buddies program was covered by CBC radio.  The joy of podcasts is that we didn’t have to catch those programs when they were actually on the radio, we could stream them anytime and any place that was convenient for us. Fantastic for our busy, “need it on demand” lifestyle.

I have used podcasts for training sessions and have found them a useful audio tool.

I did add the following RSS to my google reader account  (even though it was a bit dated, I still found them very interesting)http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/includes/canadareads2009.xml


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