I admit it! I can easily waste hour after hour playing on YouTube. It is completely addictive. As you see one video, the site is recommending a bunch more related to the one you’re watching…so you think just one more…and another, and so on.

I’ve used to prove to my kids some of the crazy songs that existed when I was a kid.

 To reconnect to my hometown in the face of tragedy

To enjoy Sesame Street at the Library

And to enjoy the creativity of some of my friends

I really enjoyed seeing how libraries are using YouTube to promote themselves. I would love to see promotional, programming or training videos from our Library. There are already videos on there if you search for us – the elevator, skateboarders, the MerryWeather, dancers in the study room and something from the Mac Users group.

I’ve also been amazed to discover YouTube not only as a fun distraction but as a classroom where I can see videos on cooking, technology or any other topics that I want to learn about. This is often the first place I now look to learn “how-to”. A few examples:

P.S. if anyone wants more Moxy Fruvous, I still have the CD 😉


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