I was already familiar with Wikis and will admit to even using Wikipedia…scandalous, I know! 

I can’t imagine using Wikipedia for a research paper or anything like that but do use it to catch up on entertainment or reality shows – I’m always amazed at how quickly it’s updated when someone is kicked off Survivor or So You Think You Can Dance or some other similar show.

The Reference Wiki is a great place to look for suggested titles and I’ve gotten some excellent reading off those lists – thanks! The Library also used a Wiki for staff to record their OLA experiences this year. I found that an excellent tool as someone who didn’t attend the conference to go into and read the summaries – I could then approach staff for further information if I wanted to know more about a particular session.

I had never considered a Wiki to reduce redundancy/e-mails while working on projects and look forward to introducing that efficiency into my next project/event.


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