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the journey begins…

August 29, 2009

So, today I start my first blog…this should be pretty easy for me because I love to talk and type…the toughest part may be shutting up, no the toughest part will be to try and sound interesting!! ;-) Funny enough, I always thought the blog I’d start would be about my kids/crazy life, not my work…go figure!

I guess moving ahead on this 25 things experiment makes me an adult learner. I do enjoy learning new things and playing around with new technology – that part is easy for me. The not so easy part is most likely the idea of viewing problems as challenges – I’m not as optimistic as I’d like to be, even though I do work on it.  I have to admit, setting this up was so simple!!!  Playing around in it and discovering all the different options ended up being tougher than I thought!

So join me on my journey…any tips/ideas/suggestions on new things I can/should learn are always appreciated. My goal at the end of this journey is to better serve our customers and to show people that I wouldn’t ask them to do something that I haven’t done myself.

Happy Learning!!